How to become a Data Scientist?

Start your Data Science career - Bachelor and Master degree courses, bootcamps and online courses at a glance

We will show you how to acquire a stable skill set to help you get started in data science and other data-related disciplines. On this page we have therefore compiled general information about the job. And you will find a list of all important Bachelor's and Master's programs, as well as the most important certified courses and a few other learning paths that can prepare you for your Data Science career.


Are you interested in a Bachelor in Data Science? We have listed all relevant courses of study for you.

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Are you looking for a Data Science Master's program that will allow you to build on your existing knowledge? Then this is the right place for you.

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Courses & Bootcamps

You don't like studying? Don't worry, you can also build your data science skills through a bootcamp or an online course.

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What exactly is a data scientist doing?

Data Scientists have very good chances on the job market. This is due to the fact that companies nowadays collect data almost non-stop. They want to make this flood of data interpretable and convert it into meaningful information and insights. That's why they need experts who are familiar with this.

So the data scientist plays an increasingly important role in times of Big Data. By preparing, analysing, visualising and applying the data, he helps companies to find concrete solutions to their problems. He generates insights, using concepts such as statistics, data analysis, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

And is Data Science also something for me?

Data science is a fairly new but exciting discipline, which is made up of many different disciplines. The professional field is dynamic and not well defined, so you will come across many job offers looking for data analysts or data engineers in addition to data scientists. Just have a look at different Data Jobs to get a feeling for the different requirements. Many data scientists come from STEM disciplines. But basically everybody can learn to become a Data Scientist who has analytical skills and enjoys experimenting.

University or Bootcamp?

In the meantime, there are some universities that offer a bachelor or master degree in data science and other data disciplines. A bachelor's degree course is first of all about basics. You learn the theory from areas like computer science, mathematics and data science. Then you can deepen your field of interest. Depending on the orientation of the degree program, the focus varies. Possible topics include artificial intelligence or data analysis. With a Master in Data Science you can then specialize further, so how about Data Engineering and Analytics or Machine Learning?

Not in the mood to study? Then maybe a Data Science Bootcamp or an online course is just right for you. It does not always have to be a university degree. Data Science Bootcamps are usually 12-week intensive courses. There you will learn from practical coaches everything you need to know to start your new job as a data scientist. For those who can't be on site or prefer to learn all this from the beach, online courses might be a good alternative.